WPT365 Clarifications

  1. We will simplify the words here so any user can read and understand what wpt365.com website is all about.
  2. This Unique website is the first in the world to be driven by crowdfunding pool bidders.
  3. You can enter any tournament or cash games in the world that is over $ 500 with only 03%/15% Buy-In.
  4. The user/s (you) will Buy-In to the event of their/your choice for only 03%-15% of the actual Buy-In, 1-2 weeks before the actual event, a *pool will be held between all  crowdfunding bidders/applicants/users, that have deposited to the same event. There might be one or more users that will win the “full package” depending on the amount of applicants/registrants that will bid on the the same event, the winner/s will win a full package deal to the tournament or cash game of your/their choice, the “full package” includes entry ticket to the event, fights and hotel reservation.
  5. Winning an entry to a cash game or tournament event, depends on the number of registrants and deposits that are made on the same tournament event or cash games you entered.
  6. Lack of registrants will disqualify the bid/*pool you entered and no one will win the entry event ticket as also known as the “full package”.
  7. In this case (an as stated in section 6) your deposit will remain in your personal credit account on wpt365.com for additional 3 month time, thus you can re-enter any event an or can add on to your deposit to enter any other bids events of your choice.
  8. The winner/s will receive from us a full package with all expenses paid, Including flights back and forth, hotel reservation and admission entry ticket to the tournament or cash game you won.
  9. Take notice, that in Cash Games we give only the first buy-in, in tournaments the entry ticket to the event, online games only the Buy-In registration.
  10. After 3 month your deposit will be lost.
  11. Once a month, an additional *pool/bid will be held among all players that have deposit in our website events and did not win a any “package” entry, the winner/s of this once in a month *pool, will win an entrance ticket to a cash game or tournament event of wpt365.com exclusive choice, this will gives our users/bidders an additional chance to win a full package tour with no additional charge on their behalf.
  12. You can bid on one or more cash games or tournaments depending on your abilities or desires. Keep in mind gaming responsibility on your part.
  13. The winner/s of each cash game or tournament will be published on our website, other if he or her will request otherwise for privacy reasons.
  14. Be informed that deposits/Buy-in to your desired tournament or cash game will close 1-2 weeks before the starting of the real tournament or cash game events and that is in order to give us time to purchase your “full package” flight tickets and hotel reservation and entry ticket to the event.
  15. Excluding online tournaments or online cash games, in online gaming we need only few days before to get organised to register your entry ticket.
  16. You may enter any tournament or cash games in the world of your choice that is posted on wpt365.com website, you need to deposit in order to Buy-In to the event shown, every event shows time to end all deposits, and a *Pool/bid will start. You can choose any payment method you wish, then and only then you have entered our biding *pool, a receipt of your deposit will be sent to you by via email.
  17. Please read our legal and terms and condition.
(*) Pool – a number of bidders that deposited to the same event, then a pool will be held to determent one or more winner/s depending on the amount of deposits collected, the more applicants, the more winners will win the “Full package”.

“Full package” includes, hotel booking, flight reservation entry ticket to the event. Keep Safe, and we wish you all success on our site.


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